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Lace, a delicate fabric, a fine art, an intricate involvement of patience, precision, skill, and sheer love for the beautiful fabric

Offering end-to-end solutions through comprehensive design and development procedures, and state-of-the-art technology, we deliver high-quality traditional lace and engineered warp-knits.

Since our inception in 2004, Noyon Lanka has evolved eminently to become the leading provider of innovative warp-knit solutions, catering to brands all around the globe. We offer complete vertical solutions out of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and China including design and development, knitting, dyeing, and finishing.

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Intricate & Delicate


Design, delicacy, and quality have always been key components in ensuring the development of the perfect lace product. As a global lace exporter servicing world renowned lingerie brands, Noyon Lanka strives to create intricate traditional lace for intimate wear and sleep wear through innovative, and sustainable techniques.

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Beyond Boundaries with


Our innovative warp knitting collection goes beyond boundaries, supporting sports and activewear as well as intimate, sleepwear and fem tech. With Inntrix, Noyon Lanka takes pride in servicing international brands that garner together to provide comfort and flexibility.

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Crafters, Designers & Visionaries Knitting Through Empty Spaces

Discover Noyon Lanka. We are the first and only comprehensive lace manufacturer in Sri Lanka, and one of the largest in the world, partnering and servicing esteemed global brands in lingerie, sleep wear and active wear. Our skilled team of professionals in each division are committed to creating lace that inspires and transforms the way you look and feel.

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The Process

A Glimpse into theWarp-Knit World

Watch the delicate manufacturing process of lace making, from the initial sketch, to drafting, knitting, dyeing and finally, the finishing stage.

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Our Sustainability Initiatives


Empowered individuals who are committed to ensuring a better planet with sustainable product solutions and green initiatives to create a better world for tomorrow.

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