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Noyon Lanka’s natural dye offering extracts colours from natural plant sources and enhances them to meet the requirements of the apparel and textile industries.

It is therefore the colours of the earth or Planet’s Tones that are being presented through this offering, thus PLANETONES

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Planetones is created only through natural sources such as leaves, flowers, roots and barks.

Some of the colour sources are Tea, Asian Pigeonwings, Achiote and Cranberry.


It must be reiterated that the dye stuff used in this process is 100% natural.

Noyon uses a special material combination and creates a secret recipe to ensure colours are ready for commercial use.

The final product is created at Noyon Lanka premises and remains as Noyon’s IP.

Wide range of colours

One of the main challenges faced when introducing natural dye solutions is the limited colour optios available. However, Noyon has been able to overcome this and offers a broad colour palette, not being limited to brown or nude shades.

It is noteworthy that brighter tones of cherry and mermaid blue can also be achieved.

Currently a total of 32 colours are being offered to customers through Planetones.


The environmental impact

Noyon is able to save up to 30% of water used in the dye cycles and a further 15% of energy through Planetones.

Additionally, it is able to further reduced chemical load to effluent.


Noyon Lanka is the only organisation to receive the prestigious Eco Dye Standard certificate from The Control Union. It certifies that the dye stuff used in Planetones are indeed 100% natural.

Eco Dye Standard certificate


Eco system (supply chain)

Planetones is a solution introduced to the industry and not merely to be used by Noyon.

Therefore, Noyon is working with several supply chain partners to offer elastic, fabric, cups and other accessories colours with Planetones.

Noyon aims to support the creation of the first fully naturally dyed garment.