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Delicately knitting our expertise in lace manufacturing, sheer passion for the delicate fabric and dedication to modernize the industry with lace solutions, our team is at the forefront of innovation. From drawing board to final product, our team of idea-generators and innovators have brought to life a series of new-age concepts that marry the finest lace into modern clothing that suits the wearer’s dynamic lifestyle.

From disrupting the notion of lace as being ‘itchy’ or ‘uncomfortable’ with our powderpuff lace techniques to engineered bralettes that are light and breathable, whether you’re a bra novice or a long-term wear.

With the support of our skilled design and development team, along with technological advancements, Noyon Lanka continues to bring forth unique warp-knit solutions, where comfort, functionality, and visual appeal take centre stage.

Softer, lighter, stronger.


Our newest innovative introduction to lace, "Powderpuff" is soft as butter and as light as a feather.

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Firm, comfortable, supportive.

Plus-sized Bra

Our plus-sized engineered bra is a secure, aesthetically pleasing option for larger busts.

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Light, soft, breathable.

Engineered Bralette

The lace engineered bralette is designed to make you feel sexy and comfortable at home.

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