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A marriage of inspiration sourced from 100-year-old archives and the latest trends in the industry, our skilled team of crafters knit delicate ideas to form something magically intricate with lace.

By harnessing the sheer love for lace and binding it with patience, precision and skill, our collection of functional and stylish designs is drawn to appease every desire, taste and style, from mischievous and conventional to simple and sophisticated. Covering various types of lace ranging between Luxurious Chantillies and multiway stretch to high tenacity and engineered lace fabric, Noyon Lanka takes pride in being the sole lace manufacturer in South Asia.

Intricate & Delicate

Traditional Lace

As the global lace exporter servicing prominent lingerie brands in the world, Noyon Lanka is the leader in using innovative, sustainable methods to create intricate traditional lace for intimate wear and sleep wear.

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Beyond Boundaries with


Our innovative engineered warp-knitted collection goes beyond boundaries, offering high-quality fabric for athleisure as well as intimate wear, sleep wear, and fem tech. Noyon Lanka takes pride in servicing international brands with Inntrix; a solution that is designed to offer both comfort and flexibility.

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About Noyon

From our journey in the beginning to who we are now, read more about the crafters, creators and innovators that work together to make Noyon Lanka, the leader in innovative warp-knit solutions.

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